Welcome to Online Behaviours Ltd

“Supporting schools, young people and their families to be safe, to remain healthy and to enjoy positive experiences in a technological world."

Our ethos

We believe that young people and their families have the right to enjoy a life online free from harm. We believe that schools and other educational establishments should provide a holistic approach, involving all stakeholders, to ensure everyone is safe, protected and positive online.

We aim to ensure that schools, young people and their families:

  • Understand how to be the best version of themselves online by making informed choices and decisions about their own online behaviour and that of others

  • Develop themselves as confident and capable users of technology who enjoy positive experiences and are respectful to themselves and others

  • Cultivate a range of knowledge, understanding, strategies and values to ensure they remain safe, healthy and empowered

  • Understand and fulfil their responsibilities as good digital citizens

What we do

Created by an online safety specialist, Online Behaviours provides a range of 'digital safeguarding' services to schools and other establishments. These include:

  • Strategic online safety advice - benchmarking, action planning and review

  • Support towards Online Safety Mark

  • Online safety curriculum planning

  • Pupil voice surveys

  • Staff CPD

  • Governor support and development

  • Parental/carer workshops and engagement

  • Work with young people - film-making, animation & more

  • Assemblies and workshops

  • EPICT Online Safety accreditation

OUR Products

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We have tried to keep things simple - our SLA packages are based on a number of days which can be fully customised to meet school priorities.

  • Entry level

  • Intermediate level

  • Enhanced level

From strategic planning, to working with young people, from parental engagement to Governor support. An initial benchmark will help identify priorities.

Individual aspects can be bought separately. You may need a staff meeting or a workshop with children - just enquire for details.

We also provide a range of other programmes designed to support young people, staff and parents/carers.

EPICT Online Safety Qualification

The EPICT Online Safety Qualification is a stand-alone module of the overall EPICT qualification, which is recognised nationally and internationally. If you or your organisation works with children or young people in a professional or voluntary way, this qualification is designed to give recognition to the work that you do to safeguard them online.

Digital Guardians Parent/Carer programme - Click for flyer

The Digital Guardians programme has been developed to ensure that parents and carers feel confident and knowledgeable enough to support their families in staying safe online. Hands-on and fun, the programme aims to help parents and carers to support their own families and other parents/carers in the community.

Digital Ambassadors peer support programme - Click for flyer

The Digital Ambassador programme has been created to ensure that young people take an active role in supporting their peers in school and beyond. Run over a number of sessions, a group of young people will learn about the risks children might face and how best to support others.


I found the meeting very interesting and got loads of information that is useful and that I could act upon... In my opinion, all parents should be aware of the possible risks that children might experience using technology, not just special needs who are very vulnerable. I would like to thank you.

— Parent, Special School, Wolverhampton

The training was excellent. An extremely sensitive subject dealt with professionally and in a way which made everyone feel comfortable. Lots to implement when I get back to school - I would thoroughly recommend this session.

— Computing Coordinator, Primary School, Wolverhampton

The presentation to parents was excellent. It struck the right balance between shock, reality and support. The parents of our pupils provided overwhelmingly positive feedback and we will be inviting Online Behaviours back to do further work in supporting our school to protect our pupils in the their online endeavours.

Deputy Headteacher, Preparatory School, Leicestershire

Online Behaviours has been an invaluable support for the teaching and progression of online safety within our primary setting. From policies and practices to delivery of lessons and messages to pupils, OB has helped to guide us through the process of addressing online behaviour as an ongoing message throughout school, embedding it throughout the curriculum. As the lead for online safety in school, it has been so helpful for me, supporting my leadership role, providing reassurance wherever required to help tackle this essential, ever-expanding area of the curriculum.

Online Safety Coordinator, Primary School, Wolverhampton

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