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“Supporting schools, young people and their families to be safe, to remain healthy and to enjoy positive experiences in a technological world.”

We have designed a service, led by qualified and respected experts in online safety, to support schools, academies and other educational establishments to develop best practice in online safety, wellbeing and behaviour. The service provides a holistic approach to ensure that young people, their families and the staff who work with them develop positive and healthy online practices.

We aim to ensure that schools, young people and their families:

  • Understand how to be the best version of themselves online by making informed choices and decisions about their own online behaviour and that of others.

  • Develop themselves as confident and capable users of technology who enjoy positive experiences and are respectful to themselves and others 

  • Cultivate a range of knowledge, understanding, strategies and values to ensure they remain safe, healthy and empowered

  • Understand and fulfil their responsibilities as good digital citizens 



We have designed a range of services to support school leaders, staff, parents/carers and students. Please click below to learn more.


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