We offer 3 levels of SLA:








SLAs comprise of the following elements:

Staff INSET (staff meeting or part of INSET day)

Staff professional development to highlight potential risks, trends and online behaviours, statutory and curriculum requirements, school best practice and staff professional conduct online.

Strategic support

Meetings with school leadership, including with Governors or a Link Governor, to ensure schools:

  • Meet statutory online safety requirements e.g. KCSIE

  • Follow best practice guidelines

  • Provide strong, up to date policies and systems to ensure robust online safeguarding

Parental engagement

Information and guidance sessions designed to make parents and carers aware of:

  • Current risks

  • Latest trends 

  • Concerning behaviours 

  • Practical advice to support and guide young people

We can also provide strategies to engage parents and community who are not able to attend sessions eg using social media, school website and email campaigns.

Online safety/safeguarding review meetings

Series of regular meetings with School Leaders and Online Safety Lead to include:

  • Benchmark of current provision

  • Action planning 

  • Ongoing support to improve provision and work towards national accreditation 

Curriculum support or content creation 

A number of sessions to:

  • Review and improve online safety curriculum provision

  • Generate co-produced online safety content to support other learners, parents/carers and the community

EPICT online safety qualification

Nominated staff will be able to undertake an internationally recognised professional accreditation led and supported by an experienced EPICT Facilitator.

Online surveys 

Schools will have access to unlimited online surveys, designed to capture online behaviours and habits of a range of stakeholders including:

  • Students

  • Staff 

  • Parents/carers

All survey results will be returned to schools as required.  

Telephone advice & support

Telephone and email advice from an experienced Online Safety Consultant.

Access to online resources, latest online safety news, advice and approaches

Additional Service Elements

We also offer a range of bespoke services elements which can be requested via the order form. For more information please contact us.

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